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What You’ll Learn:

1. How to represent yourself to the audience.

2. What types of content to share.

3. An example of good content.

Our goal is to succeed together. When you make money, we make money. If you ever have any questions, reach out to @papasharp on Discord – We are always here to help.

Content Creation

Be Authentic:

SharpLine has legitimately helped thousands of people make money sports betting. People like to make money, so if you show them a way they can do that (using SharpLine Sports), they will sign up.

• Explain why YOU use SharpLine (“I use SharpLine Sports because it lets me consistently make an extra $1500 per month in only a few minutes a day.”)

• Explain how SharpLine Sports has made YOU a better bettor (“I now understand what is a profitable bet and what is not after using the SharpLine Sports +EV bot.”)

• Explain how SharpLine Sports has made YOU money (“I used the arbitrage bot and was able make back the cost of my subscription in the first day,” or “The Positive EV bot has made me $1,600 in my first month.”)

Be Truthful:

We are not in the business of tricking people into signing up for something they do not want. You should not trick people into signing up just because you will make a commission if they do. It is okay, and encouraged for you to talk enthusiastically about your experience and success using SharpLine Sports. It is not okay to say that if you sign up for SharpLine Sports you will be able to quit your job tomorrow and become a sports bettor full-time.

As an affiliate, you continue to make money as long as someone remains subscribed. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get people who sign up to remain using SharpLine Sports for as long as possible. The best customers are ones who have wanted a software like this, and just didn’t know it existed.

To that end, continue to provide educational content to your audience, and help answer any questions they may have. Since you make money as long as they are signed up, you want them to be as successful as possible, too.

Do What Works for You:

Some people just GET  Twitter. Others get YouTube, TikTok, Discord, Instagram, Reddit. If there is a platform that you are most comfortable with, start there! If you already have a personal Twitter that you use, take advantage of that. Same with Reddit, YouTube, Discord, etc.

Observe what works for other people on platforms. Don’t necessarily copy word for word what someone else says, but it is smart to replicate what is successful for others.

If you try posting something and you get no traction, try something new. That isn’t to say try something once and if it fails never do it again. Slow and steady progress is normal, but don’t be afraid to experiment with something new!

Example of good content:

Another example of a good tweet is to post a big winning betslip. Post a picture of you hitting a big bet and brag about it, then remind them to use your link when signing up and you are golden.

Remember – Our goal is to succeed together.
When you make money, we make money.
If you ever have any questions, reach out to @papasharp on Discord – We are always here to help.